District 201N5, New South Wales, Australia

Club Projects


i-Pad for Maddy

Description: Maddy has a hard start to life being born with a hole in her heart, cross eyed, her feet facing backwards
(Talipes,) and autism. The i-Pad is an assistive technology that will help Maddy to develop confidence and competence
in the key learning areas including reading, writing and speech.

Project Team: Lynn & Dale Campbell
Funded by:  Epping Eastwood Lions Club 
Status: Completed 6th March 2015

KidWalker for Isaac

Description: Two year old Isaac suffers from Dystonic Cerebral Palsy a condition that affects the ability to control
muscles and walk unaided. The KidWalker is a unique dynamic walking aid that allows a child to walk without having
to depend on the help of another person. The innovative Positioning System on the KidWalker enables a child to move
and step naturally, the hands free design allows active and independent exploration of the environment.
Outcome: The KidWalker is assisting Isaac to stand upright, walk and kick a ball.  As a result of using this device Isaac
will develop muscle strength in his legs,gain independence, be able to participate in a greater range of activities with other
children and gain more confidence.
Project Team: Mike Barnett, M. Thillai Nadesan, Greg English (ALCMF)
Funded by:  Epping Eastwood Lions Club in conjunction with the Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation and the
Cerebral Palsy Alliance - Ryde Centre.
Status: Completed February 2015 

I.D. Mate Quest for Krystel

Description: For Krystel who has low vision and her partner who is blind knowing difference between a can of tomatoes or
chicken soup is an impossible task.  The ID mate Quest is a portable “all-in-one” talking bar code scanner that aids blind or
vision impaired individuals with the identification of items via the product’s bar code. Using text-to-speech and digital voice
recording technologies, it allows users to access an on-board database of product descriptions, along with a tailored set of
recorded voice messages.
Outcome: The I.D. Mate is assisting Krystel and her partner to identify everyday items in the home including groceries,
clothing and medicines.
Project Team: Mike Barnett
Funded by:  Epping Eastwood Lions Club in conjunction with the Australian Lions Visual Independence Foundation
Status: Completed February 2015

Electronic Patient Journey Board (EPJB) for Ryde Hospital

Description:  The EPJB is an integrated information system that contains all the vital data regarding patients including their bed
numbers, clinical notes, personal details and care plans. This system coordinates with the other wards and departments within
Ryde Hospital, and also has linkages with other hospitals.
Outcome: To improve Care Coordination and patient outcomes by making the patient journey visible to the whole team on every
ward every day.
Project Team: Dale & Lynn Campbell
Funded by:
Epping Eastwood Lions Club
Australian Lions Foundation
Status: Completed April 2015

i-Pad for Joshua

Description:  Eighteen year old Joshua suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy with dystonia and spasticity and requires
assistance to complete all daily activities. Meeting Joshua’s needs is very expensive and beyond the means of most families.
Joshua was prescribed an iPad to assist with his communication and leisure activities.
Outcome:  To enable Joshua to communicate and engage in leisure activities
Project Team:  Mike Barnett
Funded by:
Epping Eastwood Lions Club
Status: Completed 4th December 2014

Wheelchair Lift for Community Bus

Description: Christian Community Aid (CCA) own & operate several community transport buses, however none of the buses
are able to transport people who are in wheelchairs.  This project aims to fund the installation of a wheelchair lift into one of CCA's 
existing buses.
Outcome:  To enable people in wheelchairs to get out and about in the community
Project Team: Shane Wright, Tony Jackson, Malcolm Ellis, Thillai Nadesan (Epping Eastwood Lions Club),  Heather Pinto (CCA),
and Junie Kanlapan (Epping Community Bank)
Funded by:
Epping Eastwood Lions Club,  
Lions NSW-ACT Public Health Care Foundation
Epping Community Bank - Branch of Bendigo Bank.
Status: Completed November 2014