District 201N5, New South Wales, Australia


Epping Eastwood Lions Club are involved in a range of fundraising activities. Regular fundraising events include:

Netball BBQs
Our major fundraising event is the popular Saturday BBQ's held at the Eastwood Ryde
Netball Association courts Meadowbank Park,Meadowbank during the netball season. 

Lions Traditional Christmas Cakes, Mini Cakes & Puddings
Lions Christmas cakes and puddings are a major fundraiser for Lions. They are delicious,
reasonably priced and make an ideal present for friends and family.  Funds raised from the
purchase of a Lions Christmas cakes and puddings go to support worthy causes in your
community.  Please contact us if you or your organisation is interested in purchasing a
Lions Christmas Cake, Mini Cake or Pudding.

Lion Mints 
Lions Mints have been around since 1976 and are a very important fundraising
project of Lions Clubs in Australia. Every time you buy one you are helping someone who
genuinely deserves help. The mints are available in a variety flavours including Peppermint,
Fizzers, Musk, Spearmint and Sugar free. 
Please contact us if you or your organisation is interested in supporting the Lions Mint programme.